Pagham is the twin city of Ridge City, Once a small seaside town, It is now the home of Gnade, Danver, Assoluto, Age, Kamata and Soldat's European operations. With a population of 15 Million(Compared to London's 20 Million) This City is now bustling with tourism, And millions of employees work for the European headquarters of the companies. As a result, it now has it's own Grand Prix. Sponsored by British Airways. Pagham is in Great Britain. And has a parade and carnival called Pagham on Parade which has now grown to be Pagham Carnival of Motoring. Pagham has a similiar beach to Ridge City. and as a result they call it, Baby Ridge. The city has now grown to be the capital of the European Motor Industry. 

You know the circuit in Ridge Racer Revolution? That's Pagham!!! With the Headquarters of Toypop Tyres. This is also the Capital of the Tyre Industry, Making 785,000,000,000 Tyres a year.

Pagham Beach

Pagham Beach as a small town.