Real Racing Roots is A Prestigious Racing Series founded in 1935, After a Millionaire thought that the world's car manufacturers and drivers and racing teams could be involved in a racing series, 15 years later, F1 was Established, However, RRR provided so much competition that the FIA Generally accepted it as a Racing Series. It is now the most prestigious racing series in the world. F1 is 2nd most prestigious, And now RRR is a motorsport with Billions of fans, More Popular than the Olympics, World Cup and F1 Combined.

Constructor Winners:Edit

1985: Angelus Racing.

1986: Angelus Racing.

1987: Angelus Racing.

1988: 13th Racing

1989: 13th Racing.

1990: 13th Racing.

1991: 13th Racing.

1992: 13th Racing.

1993: F/A Racing.

1994: RT Bosconian.

1995: RT Solvalou(Xevious).

1996: RT Xevious.

1997: RT Xevious.

1998: RT Xevious.

1999: DRT Dig Racing Team.

2000: PRC Pac Racing Club.

2001: PRC.

2002: PRC.

2003: PRC.

2004: Micro Mappy Racing.

2005: Micro Mappy Racing.

2006: DRT.

2007: DRT.

2008: RT Xevious.

2009: RT Xevious.

2010: Angelus Racing.

2011: Angelus Racing.

2012: Angelus Racing.

2013: PRC.

2014: PRC.

2015: PRC.

2016: DRT.

2017: DRT.

2018: DRT.

2019: Angelus Racing.

2020: Angelus Racing.

The most successful team in RRR is 13th racing with 25 Constructors Championships. However, as the team used bizzarre methods and it aparrently only had 1 employee(Actually 2,000), it is generally regarded as disqualified, but is regarded as a relative of PRC As both are owned by Kamata, All of 13th Racing's Trophies are located in the headquarters of PRC. The true most successful team is RT Xevious. RT Solvalou is the same team as Xevious.

Teams by Number of Wins:Edit

13th Racing: 825

RT Xevious: 785

DRT: 475

Micro Mappy Racing: 295

PRC: 125

Angelus: 240

RT Bosconian: 45

F/A Racing: 19

Runners Up:

1993: 13th Racing.

1994: Angelus.

1995: Angelus.

1996: MMR.

1997: MMR.

1998: Angelus.

1999: PRC.

2000: DRT.

2001: DRT.

2002: RT Xevious.

2003: MMR.

2004: DRT.

2005: DRT.

2006: PRC.

2007: RT Xevious.

2008: DRT.

2009: PRC.

2010: PRC.

2011: PRC.


2013: Angelus Racing.


In a general Season of RRR, Here are the Races.

Race 1: The Kamata Grand Prix of Tokyo(Helter Skelter).

Race 2: Grand Prix of New York(Wonder Hill).

Race 3: Grand Prix of Stockholm.

Race 4: The BT Grand Prix of London.

Race 5: The Danver Grand Prix of Ridge City.

Race 6: The Assoluto Grand Prix of Rome.

Race 7: Grand Prix of Paris.

Race 8: Gnade Grand Prix of Berlin.

Race 9: British Airways Grand Prix of Pagham, Twin Town of Ridge City.

Race 10: Grand Prix of Shanghai.

Race 11: Grand Prix of Nicosia.

Race 12: Grand Prix of Los Angeles.

Not On Calendar but is held after RRR, Ridge City Motorsports Convention.

Each Races calendar is similar to that of an F1 Calendar, Practice Friday, Qualifying Saturday, Race on Sunday.

New Grand PrixEdit

New Grand Prix are being considered such as:

Grand Prix of Riyadh.

Grand Prix of Amsterdam.

Grand Prix of Rage City.

Grand Prix of Dinosaur Canyon.

Grand Prix of Joypolis 2020.