Ridge City is where almost all the Events in Ridge Racer Occur, It is an Island City-State, Now Succeeding Detroit as the Capital of the Automobile Industry, Danver, Kamata, Age, Gnade, Himmel, Assoluto, and others are all based here, The Big 3, Danver, Kamata and Age, make 700 Billion Dollars a Year, and Each Produce 30 Billion cars a month, the Building that looks like the Renaissance centre, is the home of Danver, The Jukebox shaped Building, is the Headquarters of Kamata, The Orange Building, is the headquarters of Age, Of course, Ridge City has Underground Car Factories, so as not to disturb the air outside, As well as Hundreds of Research Facilities, Motorsport is Ridge City's Passion, Terrazi was Bought out by Kamata, and Rivelta was shut down by Soldat, As Soldat had other Projects. The City is full of Shortcuts, and Tunnels, the Centre of Commerce is Trading Square, Or Rectangle as the locals call it, the Starting Line of the Ridge City Grand Prix, Of course, The companies also serve as Automotive Embassies, Age: France, Danver: America, Kamata: Japan. This helps the Automobile Industry, therefore, they do not actually claim to be from Ridge City in Profiles, But the truth is they are, and that they are all Multinational. The Real Racing Roots has rounds in Ridge City, Including a Motoring Festival and Parade, Motorsport is the National Pastime of Ridge City, Therefore the Legal age to drive is now 14, Ridge City is also known for its Beautiful Beach and Fish and Chips, And a book shaped hotel, just next to the Beach. Over the years Ridge City has had developments, such as a new airport where the Gas stations were. A brand new hotel in construction from the first game. And New Money. Ridge City is the only place in the world where cars are essential. Ridge City is an awesome place, and is Now graded by the UN as an Alpha++ City, With New York and London. New Fuel technologies including Bacteria are also tested. The RCCC, Ridge City Convention Centre, is a massive convention centre. And the home of a massive Concours D'Elegance in which cars are judged by their performance in the Arena, and on the circuit. Their Appearance, Their Functions, and Their Age, which does not matter if old or new. 7:00, 12:00 and 3:00 are Ridge City's Rush Hours. Ridge City is also the home to the Rave Scene of Music, and Heavy Metal, and is Twinned with Detroit, Camden, Pagham and Ibiza. The City is probably the best in the world, for Automobiles, Economy, And Music.