Here is a Game Idea that i think should be true, better than unbounded!!!


1. Be a Racer for one of the car companies!!!

2. Press Conference Interviews.

3. Millions of Characters to talk to.

4. Realistic Buildings.

5. Realistic Speech, As in Yes yes but i paid his mortgage but the mortgage was too high, and Ok, Love.

6. Join Rave Parties With Rave music.

7. Characters from Ridge Racer Type 4 appear!!!

8. Track Variations from Ridge Racer V!!!

9. Music by The Prodigy, and Dizzee Rascal.

10. End of Year Awards Ceremony.

11. Real Racing Roots is Back!!

12. Fame meter!!!

13. When there is no race, Ridge City has Traffic, At Night, the buildings and their LEDS Light up.

14. Characters Taking dogs for a walk.

15. Get rumours off people at Gas Stations!!!

16. Drive around an Open World.

17. Endless Gameplay!!!

18. Trophy Room.

19. Online Multiplayer!!!

20. Questions asked at beginning!!!

21. Team Communication on Radio.

22. Cockpit View.

23. Press Conferences.

24. You can still hear the announcer inside the car but his voice will be slightly muffled, if you have third person view on you can hear him properly.

25. Live in an apartment, sleep and listen to the news, And watch TV Commercials for the Companies!!!

26. Children NPC's Too.

27. Realistic 3D Crowd.

28. Pick your Name Codemasters style!!!

29. Change Difficulty levels through difficulty, not through team.

30. Ask employees to specify your car!!!

31. Host Rave Parties in your apartment!!!

32. Enjoy a hot jacuzzi(Censored with pants and bikini of course)

33. Create your character!

34. Experience what fame is!!!

35. Go to Conventions and Fairs!!!

36. Parcipitate in the parade!!!

37. Selection of Two Cities, Ridge City or Pagham.

38. Ridge Racer Type 4 Courses included in Real Racing Roots!!!

39. First Person Podium!!!

40. Fast Travel!!!

41. Visit Showrooms!!!

I Have found a decent name for the game, Ridge Racer Type 8, R8.