Shinji Yazaki was the team Principal of Pac Racing Club, Now Head of Kamata, He had a traumatising incident in life where Enki Gilbert's son Giuliano, in 1993, died because Yazaki Smashed into him and his car blew up. Enki was traumatized and taught his team, founded in 1935, To Toughen up. Pac Racing Club was founded in 1999 much to the Hatred of Enki Gilbert. Pac Racing Club is now a sucessful team run by Kamata, with 400 Wins to its name, and 2,000 Employees. after in Early 2002 it was announced Kamata would buy out the team, Which it did by February 2002. Yazaki has since made friends and consoled Enki Gilbert and Calmed himself in the progress. Yazaki is known by Billions as the Person who accidentally killed Giuliano, but made up for his mistake with a new team that was runner up to Dig in 1999.