The Terrazi Starnose is one of the most desired cars in the world. With the Appearence of a 1960's F1 Car, A Top Speed of 240 Miles per hour. And a Price of 5,000,000 Dollars. This car has got every Child asking their parents for one. The technology inside is Kamata's Bacteria Producing Technology. As Kamata own Terrazi. The Technology produces 700,000,000,000 Bacteria each which each split up to Billions More Every Hour. 1 Bacteria runs the car for 465,000,000,000 Miles!!! So it is guranteed it is Infinite MPG. Shinji Yazaki Now owns one.

A Luxury Road Going F1 Car Designed to Appeal to the Young at Heart.

 A Computer tells how much Bacteria the car is producing and how long it will run for. It has won 45 Races for PRC.